Endodontic Workshops

Efficient endo is more than a set of files. The 15 Minute Molar Endo procedure
is concert of choreography, labor redistribution, intelligent  armamentarium 
selection, canal diagnosis, decision making algorithms, protocols, time and 
motion reduction, constant application of instrumentation and purposefulness. 
The execution is safe and smooth, thorough and efficient. The result is a 
minimally invasive, precision endo second to none.

Come to Houston. I promise you that by the end of my course, which is efficient 
in its own right; you will come to understand the nature of the endodontic 
procedure in a way you never dreamed possible.

You will learn to launch an intelligent & masterful attack on the formidable 
unseen defenses of the root canal system -- all within the time envelope of 
15 Minutes.  Incredible but true.

Conquer and rule the root canal system, in a relaxing way, with  results that 
will make you smile.

Scott Perkins, D.D.S.

Course Outlines :

   Outline for Part 1
  Anatomy of the tooth
  Working in the emergency endo in a stress free way
  Set Up
  Informed Consent
  Anxiety Control
  Rapid Predictable, Profound Anesthesia
  Precision Access
  Canal Orifice Location
  Locating the 4th canal of an upper molar
  Mesial Anatomy of the lower molar


Outline for Part 2

   Straight line access
   Coronal flare
   Canal Negotiation
      curved canals
      blocked canals
      ledged canals
     Sonic wave
  Final irrigation/debridement
  Drying the canals