"I am telling you Scott when you published "The 15 Minute Root Canal", I received so much hate mail from endodontists I thought for sure at least one of them was going to kill me."

I LOVED your hands on course in Texas.  I wish every endodontist in the world would have to watch it just so they couldn't misquote you!  That was the best hands-on endo course and I've taken them all!

Howard Farran
Founder and CEO


"Scott Perkins is a phenomenon.  He stands alone today today as the undisputed king of clinical efficiency.  The last time dentistry felt the impact Perkins is having on clinical efficiency occurred with the introduction of the high speed hand piece."

Greg Stanley, Owner
Whitehall Management


"I spend over $150,000 a year on continuing education for me and my staff.  Scott's endo course had more pearls and "rubber meets the road techniques" than any course I've taken in the last five years."

Michael Abernathy, D.D.S., Lecturer
The Stress Free $5,000,000 Practice


"Few people in our dental galaxy posses Scott Perkins' mix of raw talent, drive and a visceral desire to advance the clinical aspects of dental care.  Absolutely no one has so systematically applied the principles of efficiency that today permitted Me to do two root canals, a build-up and crown prep, plus two four surface composites in one hour from injections to final handshake in a single sitting."

Marshall White, D.D.S.
Newark, OH


"Scott brings a combination of serious introspection and scientific analysis to every single aspect of denstistry and combines this with a sense of humor and brilliance.  He will never be forgotten by the LSU dental students, or the patients who he helped us treat."

Jerome Smith, D.D.S.
Lafayette, LA