Most endodontic procedures are done by general dentists.  Even so, many dentists are hesitant to tackle this procedure.

Their fear stems from lack of knowledge and lack of experience.   The staff can also play a role in keeping endo off the schedule.  

             It is a Monday - and it is just about lunch time.   Sitting in the dental chair is an 
             emergency patient and this person is in a lot of pain.  The dentist has finished his                  
             examination and the diagnosis is a root canal.

             He hesitates - knowing the staff is not going ro be happy about the "lunch
             crunch".   Then he remembers that he no longer requires 1 1/2 or more hours
             to do the endo and relaxes...telling his assistant to notify the front desk.

             Having attended the workshop taught by Dr.Perkins - he can now perform
             the endo procedure with much less stress.  He has slashed the time that it 
             takes by 50% - 100% or even more while increasing his quality.                                                                                                                                  

The endodontic procedure is is one of the most lucrative procedures in dentistry.   The only fees associated with this procedure are the cost of the dental supplies needed.  Many practice management teams retained by dentists to help them increase their production - use the crown procedure to set goals.

This "gauge" is inaccurate because of lab fees associated with this procedure.  Lab fees can be as little as $75.00 to as much or more than $300 per unit.....depending on the quality and reputation of the lab and the type of tooth.

Dr. Perkins workshops teach endo in a way that is easy to understand....everything makes sense.  The end result - a well done, minimally invasive endo, finished in less with much less stress for both the dental staff and the patient.