My Path to Opinion Leader in the Area of Dental Efficiencies....

I practiced dentistry in downtown Houston for 23 years. Running a downtown practice, maintaining high quality dentistry and providing for a large family simultaneously was a challenge, which caused me to become very efficient.

In the year 2000, I was asked to write an article on "Efficiency in the Crown Preparation" for DentalTown magazine. This resulted in my first clinical efficiency article, "The 15 Minute Crown Preparation."

I began to focus on clinical efficiencies. The next area I tackled was endo. This was a procedure that would drive me insane because of its complexity and unpredictable complications. I came to love the procedure so much that the majority of my research time has been spent in this area. My hands on workshops focus primarily on efficiencies in endo.

Focusing on efficiency made me envision dental products that I would like to have. The first was a simple product that I named The Gunrack. It is an acrylic holder to hold the impression guns neatly in one spot with ease of access when doing a crown preparation. I worked with a machine shop to produce another product, "The Samurai Precision Bur,"  the world's most efficient bur which to this day has not been superseded. 

Educational background

Texas A&M University - Graduated 1980
Bachelor of Science Degree - Zoology

University of Texas  Dental Branch - Houston - Graduated 1984
Doctor of Dental Science Degree